Low-energy Power glass heating elements

Frameless infrared combi glass heating elements

Front panel
Top quality 4mm ESG-H safety glass hardened with a special ceramic glass coating on the back and available in a white or black finish, matt or gloss in either case. ESG-H is made of exceptionally safe monolithic glass.

Rear panel
Enamelled, matt black or white to match the front panel, with integrated M8 screw fastening for the mounting bracket. Optimal insulation to the rear is also guaranteed.

Convection heating module
Enamelled convector module with additional heat output for combining infrared with convection heating. Compared with a similarly rated purely infrared heating appliance, this generates an extra approx. 30% output at the back in addition to the infrared heat produced at the front. The convector module matches the colour of the appliance. The heaters can be upgraded by fitting the convector module subsequently.

Connecting cable
Either black or white as appropriate, 1.8 meters long and supplied with a type 13 right-angled plug.

Types of installation / suitability
The appliances are only suitable for wall installation. An appropriate set of screws is included in each package. Pedestals for all models can be found on the 'Accessories' page.


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Oekoswiss low-energy glass heating elements are manufactured so as to convert all the electricity into radiant heat as efficiently as possible. That's why, at the most, the appliances only become lukewarm at the back, because they are very well insulated to the rear. So Oekoswiss can save you up to 30% electricity compared to most other manufacturers, for a similar or better output forwards into the room.

Product Summary

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    400er Series

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  500er Series

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  600er Series

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Installation set incl. drilling template is included in each package.