Room thermostats and controls

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Synco living Home Automation System

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Remote-controlled heating

T E L E B U T L E R Energy

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TeleButler® FHS

Zubehoer 8Easy to operate!

TeleButler® can be remotely controlled by mobile or smartphone. The user interface is very easy to understand and can be tailored to meet your needs. Your heating controls can also be accessed via PCs and tablets.

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Nach dem Login erscheint die Bedienoberfläche mit den Informationen Schaltzustand und Temperatur
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Accessories and measuring instruments

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 * width 22.5 mm, height/depth 89 mm, length 100 mm
** width 22.5 mm, height/depth 135.5 mm, length 100 mm

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Accessories for low-energy heating elements

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    30er series

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  40er series

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  50er series

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  60er series

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When planning an installation set into ceilings or walls, please request our basic design information and/or consult our specialist technicians.